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Arisia 2017 is looking for volunteers for the following staff position:
Web Developer(s)
We need one or more web developers to help with Zambia, the open source scheduling software used by Arisia and several other cons. The work is all pre-con and can be as much as you like. In particular, we need developers willing and able to work in PHP. Other technologies we use include MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Less, and XSLT. If interested, send messages to staffservices@arisia.org
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The Arisia Blood Drive will be Friday 2:30p-7:30p & 9:00a-5:00p Saturday. See http://2014.arisia.org/BloodDrive for details, use blood-drive@arisia.org to make an appointment, or find a Naughty Nurse Friday or Saturday! Children's offers advance signups at https://www.halfpints.childrenshospital.org/index.cfm?group=op&expand=1786&zc=02210 Thanks!
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Are you packing for the convention, and planning your weekend?

Arisia has resources for convention attendees. http://2014.arisia.org/Access

For the second year in a row, we will have a Quiet Room. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the convention, the noise and the lights, please come to room 402 and take a break. Note: the Quiet Room is a food free Space, and we will have extra facecloths and towels if you need a cool cloth.
Quiet room hours
Friday 4pm–8pm
Sat/Sun 10am–8pm
Monday 10am–2pm

We will have parking spaces for wheelchairs and mobies in all panel rooms, outlined in blue tape. If you would like seating in the front for the Masquerade, whether it is to see, to hear, or to read the CART transcription, or if you have trouble with long lines please email access@arisia.org come by the Info Desk. We can provide you with a sticker for the back of your badge, to help out the ushers.

Arisia is a bit spread out, and there is a lot of walking, over concrete floors. If you use a mobility aid, we strongly recommend that you bring it to the conventions.

We will be offering the Tactile Tours again this year. The Tactile tour of the Art Show will be at 4pm on Saturday, and is open to all attendees, though preferences is given to attendees with low vision. The Tactile Tour of the Masquerade will take place Sunday night, during the halftime show.

We will also have a limited number of Braille programs at the Info Desk, and we will have a Brailled Copy of the Restaurant Guide, Menus for the food trucks and other resources at the info desk. If you need electronic text for a screen reader or text to speech device, we will have reformatted publications on a thumb drive at the information desk.

We will have an Assistive listening system, for the Hard of hearing, and that will get it’s own post.

If you have any questions or concerns please email access@arisia.org
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Boston food trucks confirmed for Arisia!

While our original schedule and plans got a little derailed, we will have two food trucks per day vending for three days of Arisia.

Saturday 11am-4:30pm: Mei Mei Street Kitchen (http://meimeiboston.com) and Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese (http://www.roxysgrilledcheese.com/).

Sunday11am-4:30pm: Benny's Crepe Cafe (http://www.bennyscrepecafe.com/) and Boston's Baddest Burgers (http://www.bostonsbaddestburger.com/about).

Monday 11am-3pm: Benny's Crepe Cafe (http://www.bennyscrepecafe.com/) and The Taco Truck (http://www.thetacotruck.com/locations/boston-truck)

The food trucks will be located on hotel property, through the doors just past the Grand Ballroom on the concourse level, with a seating area just inside the doors for the convenience and comfort of our attendees.

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If you can help out with any of these positions, email logistics@arisia.org. You can follow @ArisiaLogistics on Twitter for up to the minute information of where help is needed.

Logistics needs Backup Truck Driver
If you have experience driving a 24' Box Truck, and are available Wednesday,
Thursday, Monday and/or Tuesday, please forward along your contact
information in case any of our signed up drivers fall ill. Want to get all
your hoursfor a free membership and not miss any of the con? These hours all count

Logistics needs Hands and Bodies

If you can lift a box, heavy or not so heavy, and have available cycles on
Thursday, please consider helping out the Logistics Team during Load-In.
Most of the heaviest stuff is on wheels, and many groups will be picking up
their stuff, so it shouldn't be hard, but strength and stamina will be an
asset. Want to see Freight Elevators, and Back Hallways? This is the job
for you. Want to get all your hours for a free membership and not miss
any of the con? These hours all count double!

Logistics needs help Monday and Tuesday for Load-Out
Earn comp for Arisia 2015 without having to work during con! Help us get
all our stuff back on a truck, and up into storage, starting Monday early
afternoon. Want to get all your hours for a free membership and not
miss any of the con? These hours all count double!

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Arisia is very likely to sell out. We urge people to buy memberships in advance. Online registration ends on Jan. 12th. If you wish to buy a day membership, or you haven't bought in advance, it's a good idea to check the website before leaving home.
We regret that we cannot accommodate everyone who would like to attend, but our membership cap helps keep our volunteers sane. There will be badge checking going on. Thank you all for your continued support of the con! http://2014.arisia.org/Registration
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REGISTRATION DEADLINE APPROACHING: Online registration will be closing as of noon on January 12. After that no registration changes will be able to be made until arriving at Arisia. Registration@arisia.org will be able to answer questions until January 16th. At Arisia, please come to the Registration table. http://2014.arisia.org/Registrationa
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I haven't heard or seen anything brony-related happening around Arisia.  I'd be shocked if I was the only one there.  If you'd like to arrange a brony-meetup at the con, or if you know of an existing one, drop me a line.
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Is the Hygiene Ninja attending Arisia this year? I have 4 large ziplock bags of hotel soaps/shampoos/conditioners that I would be happy to donate to the cause, or I can donate them elsewhere. I'd just like to know, so they can go someplace they will be appreciated. Interested parties can e-mail me: my first name at my last name dot name.

Great Con

Jan. 17th, 2011 04:38 pm
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I want to give big time kudos and thanks to the people who run Arisia. From the fan attendee point of view things went very smoothly. It is wonderful to see an event put on by volunteers that is so well thought out and run. Went to some great panels, enjoyed having breakfast with and talking to Cecilia Tan on Sunday morning, and absolutely loved Window to Paris and Hallucinating Shakespeare. While it took a little time to figure out my way around, I like the Westin a lot.

I also want to put in a pitch for the labyrinth walk on Saturday morning. I found it a great way to center myself and start the day. I for one would love it if the labyrinth was available all day.
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We've got a dozen so far that have taken advantage of the blood-drive@arisia.org email alias. Hurrah! Already breaking records! We have two buses coming from MGH on Saturday and one from Children's on Sunday, so our goal is 180 donations! So far, the first time slot, 9:30a on Saturday, is the only one that's full, with four donors. Let's fill 9:40a now! Thanks, all!
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Since I decided sleeping in at home on Monday was a better plan than going to con, I didn't get to make the traditional contact-info rounds. If you met me and I didn't manage to find you and extract your contact info, you should message me, especially if you'll be at Pi-con!

In particular, everyone I danced with and everyone from the Vampire LARP. REALLY good con for me this year, I blame all y'all.
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The preliminary schedule is up and viewable on the Arisia website at: http://2010.arisia.org/publications
Some last minute changes may occur but this is the schedule as it stands right now. 

-Mike S.

First Post

May. 4th, 2009 10:57 am
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The main online community for Arisia can be found at http://arisia.livejournal.com.

There is also the official Arisia Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arisia-Inc/54433916579

and the unofficial fan group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/33776684597/

If you like, there's twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/arisia

And there's always http://www.arisia.org/
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As always we try to provide those attending Arisia with things we think they will enjoy. Sometimes this means bringing back favorite items from previous years and sometimes it means bringing in something new.
So, for all of you that attended the Friday night Circus festivities at con what did you think?
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I spent today recovering from the con and uploading my pics and vids. Below is a short video from Saturday night at the Club Dance. Yes, its Numa Numa (Dragostea_din_tei by O-Zone).

Direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwzGJ76u8F0
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Looking at the schedule, the panel for the Fairly Odd Parents Sing along is Saturday at 4pm. In Fast Track. I am the only person listed as a panelist. Since this is less a panel than an enthusiastic group sing, there should be at least one person on the panel with the ability to sing.

I can be the enthusiastic singer, but I lack two necessary elements of leading a sing a long, I got no rhythm and I am close to tone deaf. I have the kind of voice that curdles water.

I have all the words to the songs already, and more enthusiasm than I should. I need someone to join me who can carry a tune. Because all I can carry is sheet music.

EDIT: Here is a document I saved to google docs with the words to the songs. I am working on a set of open office presentation slides that I hope will go along with the images.

words to fairly odd parents
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Thanks to the support of the Con Chair, the ConCom, the Naughty Nurses, and newcomers the Children's Hospital Bloodmobile, we'll be doubling the opportunities for those so inclined to donate blood at Arisia 2009. In addition to our regular and enthusiastic crew from MGH on Saturday, we'll have newbies to impress on Sunday. I've been trying to arrange this for years in response to many requests, so I very much hope to hear from those wanting to help make both days a success. Don't delay! I'll be happy to schedule your appointment any day!
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          a relaxing way to enjoy the company of one another.  

AN OPEN INVITATION:  make known your ideas for programs at Relaxacon 2008.

Send your ideas, suggestions, and comments by replying here, or by sending private email to relaxacon@arisia.org.  If you make a suggestion, be prepared to back it up with your body, i.e. run the panel, host the game, bring your bike, your PS2 or 3, your DDR pads, etc.

Here are some of the suggestions we have already gathered:

Biking:  Group roll around the Cape of Cod
Hiking:  Group stroll up the beach
Beach Blanket Bingo:  we'll bring the Bingo you bring your beach blanket
BeyBlade Challenge:  "Let 'ere rip!"  Loads of silly fun battling each other with tops.
Rock'em-Sock'em Robots Challenge:  A competition for the strong of thumb!
Dance Dance Revolution:  Just for fun, a dancing good time.
Discussion Groups: You pose the question, deep thought will commence... or not.
Board Games my mom played with me:  Parchisi, Chinese Checkers, more...
SMOF:  what or who is a Secret Master of Fandom? 
Video Games my kids will probably think I'm a Dweeb for liking come 2020

COME!  FIND OUT what ARISIA is all about, outside the confines of our annual convention.   Register for only $15 for the weekend.  (Other information available at the website http://corp.arisia.org/Relaxacon)


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 Arisia Relaxacon 2008!
The last weekend of MAY!!!

Friday May 30th to Sunday June 1.

PLEASE JOIN US!!! We are nearing sell-out! Sign-up NOW!

You know you like us, now get to know us!

Where: The Corsair & Cross Rip Motels on CAPE COD! Dennis Port, Cape Cod, MA

Cost: $15/weekend or $10 Friday or Saturday (half price for children, ages 5-21) This helps to defray the cost of the Con Den, where we'll have quite a lot of food!!!

To register for the Relaxacon via PayPal, go to http://corp.arisia.org/RelaxaconReg (please be sure to fill in the “Name of Membership” field during checkout, especially if buying more than one membership).

Arisia Corporate is hosting this "Relaxacon" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relaxacon) This is an opportunity for us to get together without having to do any convention work. You know you like us, now get to know us!

Activities can Include (depending on your wallet and the weather):
Talking, Gaming, TV viewing, Talking, Gaming, etc.
Con Den (with food and drinks - a cross between a Con Suite and a Staff Den)
Movies (perhaps a marathon Hugo Nominees viewing session?)
Pools (indoor and outdoor) and Jacuzzi
Child play area
Beach, swimming, jogging
Explore the Cape (see www.capecodchamber.org)
Local trips (Provincetown?) & hikes & other sights
Whale watch
Nearby shopping, restaurants
Free Wifi Access (this was very popular last year!)
Talking, Gaming, TV viewing, Talking, Gaming, etc.

This is meant as a get together for Arisia Staff, Arisia Volunteers, friends of Arisia, and others interested in Arisia. What you should bring: Money for your additional food / drink needs. Games to share and play. Beach stuff, including your swimsuit and beach ball! Gaming consoles, if you want to get a video game going, bring your Wii or your PS3. 

In order to provide food / drink for the Con Den, the cost is $15 for the weekend or $10 for Friday or Saturday. Sunday is free as it is a half day, and we're only going to have the space for breakfast

Children under 5 are free and between 5 and 21 are half price. No babysitting is provided, so parents are responsible for their own children. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF THE ACCESS TO THE BEACH AND POOLS.

To register for the Relaxacon itself via PayPal, you can go to http://corp.arisia.org/RelaxaconReg (please be sure to fill in the “Name of Membership” field during checkout, especially if buying more than one membership).

Corsair and Cross Rip Motels
1-800-332-2279 or 1-508-398-2279

Sleeping rooms are only $95 per night! Special requests (Oceanfront, etc.) are $25 extra per night. YOU NEED TO CALL TO MAKE A RESERVATION, and SEND IN A CHECK!!! Mention Arisia and send your check for one night, made out to "Corsair & Cross Rip" directly to them at:
41 Chase Avenue
Dennisport, MA 02639.
The balance is paid by credit card, cash or check at check-in. Deposit is refundable (less a $25 fee) up until May 14th. ROOMS ARE SELLING FAST, GET YOUR RESERVATION IN TODAY!!!

The Corsair and Cross Rip are two-story motel style properties without elevators. Those with access requirements should be sure to request a room on the first floor.

Please note also that the hospitality house and all rooms at the Corsair and Cross Rip are non-smoking. Smoking is allowed outside only.


If you have any questions please email relaxacon@arisia.org.


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